From idea to manuscript – Part 2

Thanks for coming back!

So, if you read my previous post, you know that this series of blog posts is going to track my process from idea to polished manuscript for my new WIP, EMILY. Yes, I know that’s a wack WIP title, but that’s genuinely where I am right now. Expect that to change at some point 🙂

There is about a week left in April, and I’m going to use that for Stage 1: Planning to Plot.
This could easily be considered part of the plotting stage, but I like to keep it separate. As I progress through a manuscript, the pressure to “get things right” builds. As you’re creating a plot that works, writing the draft, doing the initial edits, and then several rounds of revisions, it gets harder and harder to put the puzzle pieces together. I think this is especially true when you write mysteries and suspense.

The fun thing about the “Planning to Plot” stage is that you get to do/think/write/scribble ANYTHING. Of course, this freedom doesn’t disappear entirely when you’re in the later stages, but there’s endless freedom in this first one.
So, between now and May 1, I’ll be planning to plot. This means:
  • Sketching out the central mystery more clearly
  • Conceptualizing the main characters
  • Considering the story arc
  • Developing the inciting incident, main plot points and climax
I’ll be taking notes, but my favorite time to think about these questions is while driving, while in the shower, while washing dishes, etc. By May 1, the goal is to have most of the above loosely inked out, and I’ll be ready to begin the formal plotting process (which I love 🙂

OK! Thanks, and I’ll be back soon with the update.

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